About Us

Learn Ubuntu is the place where you will find step by step guides aboutĀ Ubuntu installation, configuration and troubleshooting.

I am a self taught technology guy, who believes in trying in new things. I don’t know exactly when I became interested in Linux, but I remember a few unsuccessful attempts to use some distributions that I received with computer magazines, until I came in contact with Ubuntu Hardy Heron, back in 2008.

Since then, Ubuntu is the only operating system I use in my desktop, not counting the virtual machines I need for testing. I have tested other distros, but I feel so comfortable with Ubuntu and I have such a great experience with it, that it has captivated me really good. Not to mention the Community, which was fundamental to the success of my first real experience with Linux. Working with Linux is my passion and i love it. I learn something new almost every day and i really like that. I would not be able to work the same thing every day for years to come. It would drive me mad.

Learn Ubuntu is the collection of all the notes which I took while installing, configuring and troubleshooting Ubuntu. I have learned much about Linux in last couple of years and i decided to share some of the experience with you all through Learn Ubuntu.

At Learn Ubuntu I will try to cover most of the things about this free Operating System, teaching you valuable knowledge to help transform Ubuntu into a useful working tool.

There are many pages and posts on Learn Ubuntu by going through which you will have the necessary knowledge and skills needed to navigate your way through this operating system and be able to take full advantage of the powerful features available in Ubuntu.

Hope you will like this site.