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Love Ubuntu? Learn Ubuntu

With us, you'll learn to use Ubuntu. These tips, tutorials and tweaks will help you with your goal of using Ubuntu on your server or desktop.

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One concept at a time. Learn, practice and master Ubuntu.

Get Familiar with Terminal

Absolutely new to the command line? Get the basics right and learn to navigate through the terminal.

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Secure Your System With UFW Firewall

Ubuntu comes with UFW firewall by default. Here's a section of tutorials to teach you how to use it.

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Manage Users and Groups

User and groups are the fundamental part of Linux systems. Learn to manage users on Ubuntu in this section.

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Master the Linux Commands

The more you know the commands, the more effectively you can manage your Ubuntu system. Start learning Linux commands here.

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Manage Software

Managing software on your Ubuntu system is a must know. Learn it here.

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Know Your System

Learn to get important details about your Ubuntu system, its hardware and other aspects.

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