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Essential Ubuntu Terminal Tricks [UbuntuEd #24.01]

Learn some essential Ubuntu terminal and command tips.


Here's the first installment of the monthly UbuntuEd (Ubuntu Education) newsletter in 2024.

In this edition, we will be focussing on various essential terminal tips and tricks.

🪧 Tips and Tricks for Using Terminal In Ubuntu

Now, let’s learn some important tricks you can do using terminal.

How to Merge PDF Files in Ubuntu Terminal
Got several PDF files that need to be converted into a single file? Here are various tools for merging PDF files in the Ubuntu command line.

🗞 Ubuntu News

💡 Command Line Tips

Change the case of letters under the mouse cursor.

  • ESC+U : Make Upper case from the current cursor position to the end of the word.
  • ESC+L : Make Lowercase from the current cursor position to the end of the word.
  • ESC+C : Make the character under the cursor Upper Case and the rest Lower case.

🧰 Useful Tool

Check out App Fleet, a powerful open-source app for automating your workspace on Linux!

App Fleet: Open-Source App to Automate Your Workspace on Linux
An open-source workspace automation tool. Sounds interesting!

Discover the features of Floorp Browser, a cross-platform Firefox derivative!

Floorp Browser: Is It The Most Advanced Cross-Platform Firefox Derivative?
Let’s take a look at another interesting Firefox fork, Floorp.

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