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UbuntuEd #24.03: Managing Users in Ubuntu, GNOME 46 and KDE Plasma 6 Features, and More


Here's the March installment of the UbuntuEd (Ubuntu Education) newsletter.

In this edition, we will be focussing on Managing Users in Ubuntu.

🪧 Managing Users in Ubuntu

Most of the Linux systems have a root user and a default user with administrative privileges. While in Ubuntu, the root user is disabled by default, other distributions, at some point during the installation, ask whether you want to enable/disable the root user. 

Here are some tutorials that help you manage users in Ubuntu and other Linux systems.

Ever faced “User is not in sudoers file” error in Ubuntu? Take a look at the guide to know how to handle this error properly.

Handling “User is not in sudoers file” Error in Ubuntu
Here are different reasons why you see the user not in sudoers file error and how you can approach the fix.

🗞 Ubuntu News

Here are some of the cool features coming to GNOME 46. You will be getting GNOME 46 with Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

GNOME 46 is Coming in Hot With These 6 Features
Can’t wait for GNOME 46? Here’s a sneak peek into the features you get with the upgrade.

Are you a fan of KDE Plasma? Latest Plasma 6 has been released. Take a look at the features it offers!

KDE Plasma 6: The Big Release is Here!
KDE Plasma 6, the much-awaited upgrade, is here. Let’s take a look at it.

💡 Command Line Tips

You can remove all but one specified file in a directory by using the command:

rm -f !(file_name)
Remove all but one file in Linux terminal using rm command.
Remove all but one file

🧰 Useful Tool

Always forgetting your meds? 🤦‍♀️ This app has got your back! Keep track of all your medications effortlessly.

Track Your Meds: Dosage, the Open-Source Linux App
This app makes it easy to keep up with your medications.

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