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UbuntuEd #23.04: Lunar Lobster Release

Ubuntu 23.04 is here and so is UbuntuEd 23.04 newsletter.


April edition of the UbuntuEd (Ubuntu Education) newsletter is here. It is numbered 23.04 and that matches with the Ubuntu 23.04 Lunar Lobster. What a coincidence 😎

Let's see what you get in this newsletter.

🪧 Linux command tutorials

How to Kill Process in Ubuntu Command Line
Learn how to find and kill rogue processes using the kill and top commands in Ubuntu.

🗞 Ubuntu News

Ubuntu 23.04 Releases With New Installer, A New Flavour, and GNOME 44
Ubuntu 23.04 adds the magic of GNOME 44 with its own tweaks and improvements. Check it out here.

💡 Command Line Tips

Use sed to delete a specific line from a text file in Linux command line. The below example deletes the 7th line from a file.

sed -i '7d' filename

If you gzip a directory and now you have a compressed file. You can examine the uncompressed contents to decide the file type with -z option.

file -z compressed_file

🧰 Useful Tools

Manpages in PDF format? Weel, why not?

GitHub - sebastiancarlos/manpdf: Read your Man pages in PDF format. Even online!
Read your Man pages in PDF format. Even online! Contribute to sebastiancarlos/manpdf development by creating an account on GitHub.

😂 Meme

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Enjoy Ubuntu :)