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UbuntuEd #23.05: Security Enhanced PPAs, Ubuntu 18.04 End of Life, SSH Tips and More


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Ubuntu 18.04 LTS was released five years ago. It has reached its end of life. If you are still using Ubuntu 18.04, you can either upgrade to 20.04 LTS or opt for Ubuntu Pro (free for three machines) to continue using it for five more years. You'll only get security updates if you opt for the Pro.

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🪧 SSH tips and tutorials

Here is a collection of SSH related tips and tutorials on Learn Ubuntu.

If you regularly connect to multiple servers through SSH, you can save the connection details in the config file. It saves a lot of time, trust me.

How to Use SSH Config File [Beginner’s Guide]
Using SSH profiles can help you in cases where you regularly connect to various servers. No need to remember the IP address and other such details for SSH connection.

🗞 Ubuntu News

Ubuntu 23.10 To Bring Security Enhanced PPAs
Ubuntu 23.10 is changing the way PPAs are managed.

Remember that Ubuntu 18.04 is reaching its end of life.

Ubuntu 18.04 is Reaching End of Life: Here’s What You Can Do
Ubuntu 18.04 is reaching end of life soon. Here’s what you need to know.

💡 Command Line Tips

To prevent files from getting overwritten while moving because of the same name, use this:

mv -n source_file target_directory

Another tip is to use the  -u option. With this, the source files will only be moved to the new location if the source file is newer than the existing file or if it doesn't exist in the target directory.

mv -u source_file target_directory

🧰 Interesting Tools

The famous cowsay tool gets colorful.

GitHub - latipun7/charasay: 🐈 The future of cowsay 🐮! Colorful characters saying something 🗨️.
🐈 The future of cowsay 🐮! Colorful characters saying something 🗨️. - GitHub - latipun7/charasay: 🐈 The future of cowsay 🐮! Colorful characters saying something 🗨️.

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