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UbuntuEd #23.09: Important Commands, Ubuntu 23.10 News and More

The 9th instalment of UbuntuEd newsletter focuses on important Linux commands.


Here's the latest instalment of the monthly UbuntuEd (Ubuntu Education) newsletter.

🪧 Important Commands You Should Know

Check How Long a Command Takes to Run in Ubuntu
The time command allows you to check how long a command takes to complete in Ubuntu.
25 Must-Know Ubuntu Commands
New to Ubuntu? Here are the must know Ubuntu commands that will help you get control on the system more effectively in the terminal.

🗞 Ubuntu News

💡 Command Line Tips

On Nano editor, to save and exit a file, you will press CTRL+X and then type “y” to confirm and then press enter to save. Instead, you can use:

nano -t <file name>

Now, when editing is done, press CTRL + X. The -t option will save a changed buffer without prompting.

🧰 Useful Tool

Beaver Notes is an open-source Privacy-focussed cross-platform note-taking application.

Beaver Notes: A Private Open-Source Note-Taking App
A privacy-focused note-taking app available cross-platform. Let’s take a look at it!

Librum is an E-Book reader, where you can take advantage of the cloud by having a personal library that can be accessed from any device, anytime.

Librum: Promising New Open-Source e-book Reader That Lets You Create an Online Library
Librum is a new eBook reader with a cloud library.

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