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UbuntuEd 24.05: Container Management in Ubuntu, Website Redesign and More

The new look of Learn Ubuntu is here.


You may have noticed something. Learn Ubuntu does not look the same.

That's right! I have changed the design of the website to provide you with a more streamlined Ubuntu learning experience.

Articles on the same topics are now grouped together. Take this page for example:

Using Firewall With UFW in Ubuntu
Ubuntu comes with UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) installed by default. It is called uncomplicated firewall because it makes things a lot easier than using something iptables or nftables for creating firewall rules. But this doesn’t mean that there is no learning curve involved. You do need to learn how to use

Individual topics that are not part of a group remain standalone.

I hope you like this new layout. Let me know what you think of it by replying to this email.

In this edition, we will be focussing on Container Management with Docker and Podman.

🪧 Working with Docker and Podman in Ubuntu

Containers are isolated units with their own software and settings that share one operating system, use fewer resources than virtual machines, and communicate through specific channels.

Docker is super popular for containers, but it's not the only game in town! In this edition, we will explore how to work with both Docker and Podman!

Try something other than Docker? 🚀 Check out Podman by Red Hat—a fully open-source alternative!
This article, shows you how to install Podman on Ubuntu.

How to Install Podman on Ubuntu [Proper Way]
Podman requires Buildah and Skopeo to give you the complete container workflow. Learn how to install all these container tools on Ubuntu.

If you are curious, use this course to start container management using Podman!

Using Podman for Container Management [Free Course]
Podman is the Docker alternative from Red Hat. It is similar to Docker. You can easily start using it if you know Docker already.

🗞 Ubuntu News

When Too Much AI Is A Bad Thing? Microsoft's latest AI-powered feature called Recall will take screenshots of the screen you are working on every few seconds.

Microsoft Windows’s Creepy Move to Spy on Everything You Do With AI
Windows is eager to know more about you, and see what you’re doing. Good times! :)

Ubuntu 24.04 Long-Term Support release is here. Unfortunately, there are some serious disappointments too 😞

The sheer audacity of not caring for its users reeks of Microsoft-esque arrogance.

💡 Command Line Tips

You can print the line number while using the cat command to print text file contents.

The -n option will give line numbers to empty lines as well.

cat -n <filename>

While, the -b option will print line numbers only to non-empty lines in the file.

cat -b <filename>

🧰 Useful Tool

Planify, is an open-source to-do app for Linux, that can easily and efficiently manage everyday tasks!

This Linux App Helps Me Easily Manage My Everyday Tasks
I think this is the perfect Linux app to help manage everyday tasks!

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