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UbuntuEd 24.06: Install Popular Apps, User Management And More

Learn about user management in this edition of UbuntuEd.


I hope you are liking the new layout of Learn Ubuntu. The aim is to collect tutorials on a topic in one place so that it is easier for you to learn.

For example, this page contains a collection of various tutorials that help with user management in Ubuntu.

User Management in Ubuntu
Learn the basics of user management in Ubuntu. This section covers the essential steps for adding, deleting, and modifying user accounts in Ubuntu.

🗞 Ubuntu News

💡 Command Line Tips

Sometimes, even a new Linux user can use the man page to get some very useful information easily!

If you want to know about various decimal and binary prefixes like micro, mega, etc., use:

man units 

Want to know about file system hierarchy? Here’s an easy way:

man hier


man file-hierarchy

Now, let’s take a look at the detailed ASCII table:

man ascii

🧰 Useful Tool

If you are searching for a minimal audio player, give Decibels a try!

Decibels is a Minimal Audio Player, And That’s About it!
A focused audio player to play what you need for the moment.

😂 Meme

Ubuntu is always their first choice 😃

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