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UbuntuEd #23.07: Managing Compressed Files and Other Ubuntu Tips

The latest edition of UbuntuEd newsletter focuses on handling compressed files among other Ubuntu stuff.


Ever since its creation a year ago, Learn Ubuntu has aimed to focus on the server side. Lately, some readers have suggested that they would like to see tutorials for Ubuntu desktop users.

Is this something you would be interested in, too? Let me know by replying to this email.

Let's see what you can learn this month.

🪧 Managing Compressed Files in Ubuntu

Confused about RAR files? You should take a look at this guide:

Use Rar Files in Ubuntu
Got a Rar file? Learn to extract it. Also learn to create rar files in Ubuntu.

🗞 Ubuntu News

💡 Command Line Tips

List all files that does not contain a given string in the current directory:

grep -RiL <string> .

If you want to search only in the current directory, not the subdirectories, replace the “.” with *

grep -iL -d skip LHB *

Here, the option -d skips directory and thus avoids printing some error messages due to grep working on directory names.

🧰 Useful Tool

Anytype, a local-first, peer-2-peer (P2P), open-source work and productivity app.

Anytype: An All-in-One Secure Open-Source App for Work and Productivity
A new open-source app with specialties for everyone. Try its open beta release and check if it is for you.

😂 Meme

Ubuntu Meme

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