UbuntuEd #24.02

UbuntuEd #24.02: Networking in Ubuntu, Upcoming 24.04 LTS Features and More


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Here's the February installment of the UbuntuEd (Ubuntu Education) newsletter.

In this edition, we will be focussing on essential networking in Ubuntu terminal.

🪧 Networking in Ubuntu Command Line: Tips and Tricks

Installing and Using Wireshark on Ubuntu is easier with this simple tutorial.

Install Wireshark on Ubuntu
Wireshark is the most popular tool for network packets analysis. Learn to install it on Ubuntu.

🗞 Ubuntu News

Here are some of the features that you will see in the upcoming Ubuntu 24.04 LTS noble Numbat.

7 Features That Make Ubuntu 24.04 LTS Cool
Curious what Ubuntu’s next big LTS release brings? We tell you all about it here.

💡 Command Line Tips

You can run shell commands without quitting the less pager, by using the “!” and then running the command while using less.

You should use this function very carefully…

🧰 Useful Tool

Errands is an elegant To-do application for those who prefer simplicity.

Errands: A Simple and Elegant To-Do Companion for Linux
Ready to take charge of your errands with a desktop Linux app? Here you go!

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