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UbuntuEd 23.12: Setting Up Java in Ubuntu, Open-Source File Sync Client, and More

The final UbuntuEd newsletter of the year 2023 is here


The year started with the first-ever edition of UbuntuEd. 12 months later, the year 2023 is coming to an end. But this is just the beginning for UbuntuEd and Learn Ubuntu.

In its first year itself, Learn Ubuntu has been visited over a million times by people from all over the world 🎊

This is no small feat for a small website like this 💪

And I wish you a very happy new year. Suggestions on the topics and learning material for 2024 is welcome 😄

🪧 Setting Up Java Environment In Ubuntu and Listing systemd Services

Java is one of the most robust programming languages for developing websites, games, Android, and desktop apps. Learn Setting up Java environment in Ubuntu in this edition.

Do you know how to list services in Ubuntu using systemctl command?

List Running Services in Ubuntu
Wondering what services are running on your Ubuntu system? Use the systemctl commands and find it out. Here’s how.

🗞 Ubuntu News

Microsoft Windows AI Studio Needs Linux to Work!

Wow! Microsoft Windows AI Studio Needs Linux to Work
Microsoft loves Linux because there’s no way out.

💡 Command Line Tips

To edit a long command, that was executed earlier and then to re-execute it, use fc. For example, running:

fc cat

Will open an editor to edit the last command executed, that start with cat. After edit, just save it and exit the editor to run it!

Use "fc" to edit a command in the editor and then run.
fc to Edit command

Running fc will open the last executed command in the editor. It either opens in FCEDIT, EDITOR or vi.

🧰 Useful Tool

Celeste is a multi-cloud open-source GUI file sync client in Rust.

Celeste: A Multi-Cloud Open-Source GUI File Sync Client in Rust
A simple and elegant GUI sync client offering two-way sync.

Denaro is an open-source desktop app for Linux, to manage your finances effortlessly.

A Sleek-Looking Linux App to Manage Your Personal Finance
Perfect desktop app for Linux to manage finances!

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